17 June 2009

You Can Tell Me All About It On The Next Bardo

Knoxville 1997, Stormfront

Twelve years ago, after coasting along on neutral, predictable curves for what felt like entirely too long, things began to shift. Nothing seismic, or dramatic, or even particularly interesting at first. Just a series of small changes that seemed to be accumulating into something bigger, and a sense of things ending. I could see this particularly sharp, acute corner ahead but had no idea what was around it. But I did know everything was going to change and I remember taking very conscious stock of my life and wondering what would still be in inventory when it was all settled. Then I turned the corner, everything did change, and quite a few things closest to my heart, and a very many that weren't, were missing from inventory when it was done. Turn the page.

Today, everything is changing again. This time though, the shifts are seismic. And dramatic. And interesting, albeit in that slowing-down-to-look-at-the-traffic-accident sort of way. I made coffee this morning and figured the time was right to start taking stock.

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