28 October 2009

I Wake Up and Have My Realizations Sprayed

My fondness for Brion Gysin and William Burrough's Cut-up Method continues, this time directed towards already mind bendingly surreal chemtrail/New World Order conspiracy theories. Genuinely creepy, shamelessly opportunistic and vastly unethical Henry Kissinger, it should come as no surprise, figures prominently in a lot of NWO scenarios, having been pulled directly from the Dr. Strangelove branch of Central Casting for Villains. The fruits of this exercise are as amusing, and revealing, as ever:

"Kissinger lives in depopulated California. The reasons that stopped a number of chemtrail depopulations are indeed useless. Nothing magical, the "contrails" have been overcast since 1998. I had your toxin-laden contrails posted horizon-to-horizon and lived the sprayed Holy chemtrails, described by Kissinger's NWO Society. Indeed, I stopped the dark sprayed plans, believing the depopulation peddlers are all useless eaters.

I wake-up, have my realization sprayed, and now: no reality."

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