03 July 2009

A Territory to Ridicule

I've been having a lot of fun lately with Burroughs and Gysin's cut-up method. Although a good case could be made that most everything that comes out of Sarah Palin's mouth sounds like it's already been thoroughly massaged by a cut-up machine, I couldn't help but wonder what running the first few paragraphs of her resignation speech through the process would yield. Using one of the many online cut-up engines, here's the appropriately sinister and mildly hilarifying results:

"Faith and family: nothing's more important for our state. Vast riches, beauty, and strategic placement --remember the adversaries scoffed, calling this help the United States.

Hi Alaska.

Know that besides me, Alaskan's grasp what can be purchased in this great land and globe, mocking "Seward's Folly". Secure Alaska, so Alaska could the people serve. Our beloved Alaska I want serving boldly as a territory to ridicule."

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