14 May 2009

Objects of Desire

The Golden Age of the blobject may be years past its sell-by date (see Bruce Sterling's terrific 2004 essay here), but the slippery Aptera 2e plug-in electric, um, car is way beyond cool in that retro science fictional sort of way that I seem to be compulsively drawn to. The three wheeler looks like the love child from a marriage between Luigi Colani and Ross Lovegrove. It's pure Logan's Run minus the feathered hair and Dacron jumpsuits. 

The production model differs, predictably, from the even more science fictionally overendowed concept vehicle: external cameras providing in-dash rear and side-view video are replaced with conventional door-mounted mirrors, there's a bit more glass, a more conventional dash, and split, partially opening windows reminiscent of the DeLorean*. But none of these alterations make much of a dent in the appealingly whacky over-the-top design. 

Never mind the zero tailpipe emissions, the Aptera is the perfect opportunity to pull out that zippered silver jumpsuit you know you've been wanting to wear. You. Not me.

*and the lovely, beleagured and exceedingly peculiar Subaru SVX.

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